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Portal 2 Special

May Grab Bag

5/19/11 Brown Hair is Too Boring

5/11/11 Another Last

5/8/11 Nothing Special

5/7/11 My Last Round Robin Ever

5/2/11 Letter to the Editor

We were asked to write questions to the School Newspaper: "Ask the Editor"

4/30/11 Window Pain

I saw this and thought it could turn out to be an interesting picture. Yes? No?

4/29/11 Karl's 5th Annual Overnighter

4/25/11 April Grab Bag


Graduating Class of 2011

Included are: Graduation parties for: Aryn, Patras, Jennifer, Courtney, Kai, and myself. My graduation and Weeping Water's as well.

4/15/11 District Music Contest

Performed Loch Lomond with Patrick, John, and Tyson receiving a superior. The choir received 3 superiors.

4/13/11 QWOP Fever


About half the school was playing QWOP for a week. Got this picture of Fritz playing it and had a screenshot playing it on her laptop.


3/31/11 AP Research Trip

Our trip to UNL libraries for our AP Research paper. Also, Shelby freaked out when Gordon told stories from his medical past.

3/29/11 Water Bottles are Complex

At Phoenix Web Group we took apart a water bottle as though it was an electronic object.

3/27/11 Sisa Loves Larry More

Why does my girlfriend love my cat more than me :'(
We also checked out Indian Hills.